NonFiction Photo

videography for NonFiction Photo organisation

working on promotion material for the activities working towards the World Press Photo exhibition in Groningen city.


Video Portret

Under construction.

video portraits of a great cartoonist. Coming up later.



Fotografie Sport/050

Voor Sport/050 Magazine, 

                                                                  2016 – present

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Background Pictures made by: Pepijn van den Broeke.  

Dirty Laundry clubnights

From 2003 til 2010 I was organising Dirty Laundry clubnights at Groningen city. The party’s where defined by a laidback vibe and great music! With the love for music styles such as Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hiphop, Latin and everything else that sounds good we had a blast. Making room for talent and some great artists and DJ’s that where pushing the scene in the Netherlands.

 The first single party’s where set in 2003 at the Buckshot Cafe in 2004 the Pleidooi Cafe. from 2006 till 2010 it was possible to do more party’s a year at Simplon, Newscafe and offcourse with our good friends at the Buckshot Cafe.

To get an image of the party’s you can see some of the photo’s and video at the right site of this text.   

>>>The site is still under construction, more photo’s will be placed later<<<

Dirty Laundry party photo’s are made by Pepijn van den Broeke en Sjef Weller.

Dirty Laundry video, shot by Patrick vd Weerd, music mixed by DJ Frequent, Video editted by Jonas vd Vlught.